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Two Plus Two Threads Posts Last post
Two Plus Two Internet Magazine
  Articles and features about poker and gambling in general.
423 4453 * Re: Bunching Part II
    (Maksymilian) - 12/30/05 01:45 PM
About the Forums
  Here's where you post suggestions about the forums and the software that implements them.
81 404 * Re: Question about Editing
    (BluffTHIS!) - 12/31/05 01:55 AM
Discussions on all things related to poker General Poker Discussion Threads Posts Last post
Beginners Questions (2 viewing)
  Ask your (possibly) naive question here and our community will attempt to help you.
16569 160801
    - 12/31/05 11:41 PM
Books and Publications (1 viewing)
  Discussion and reviews of books, videos, and magazines
5991 46809
    - 12/31/05 05:08 PM
Televised Poker (2 viewing)
  Discussions about the World Poker Tour and other televised poker tournaments
6457 122262
    - 12/31/05 07:05 PM
News, Views, and Gossip
  For miscellaneous news, views, and gossip
4961 57621 * A Fine Night of Poker
    (Sparks) - 12/31/05 07:00 PM
Brick and Mortar (1 viewing)
  Discussions of brick and mortar gambling venues
11525 110304
    - 12/31/05 07:42 PM
Home Poker (1 viewing)
  Discussions of home poker games
3979 34645 * Re: Question about showing...
    (Snarf) - 12/30/05 10:39 PM
Poker Beats, Brags, and Variance
  Here's where you put your whines and wins.
1334 11009 * Re: i :heart: live poker
    (roxtar) - 12/31/05 11:24 PM
Poker Theory
  General poker theory
5776 58959 * Re: What poker game should...
    (ohnonotthat) - 12/31/05 11:44 PM
Limit Texas Hold'em Threads Posts Last post
Mid- and High-Stakes Hold'em
  Discussions of mid- to high-stakes limit Texas Hold'em
17194 198827 * Re: Anyone know how they d...
    (Tzak) - 12/31/05 12:33 PM
Medium Stakes Hold'em
  Discussions of medium stakes limit Texas Hold'em
464 4944 * Re: Live 15/30 QQ
    (CallMeIshmael) - 12/31/05 10:48 PM
Small Stakes Hold'em (2 viewing)
  Discussions about small stakes Texas Hold'em (from 2/4 to around 15/30)
48633 446380
    - 12/31/05 09:03 PM
  Discussion of poker at the micro-limits as played in many online poker rooms.
35570 337932
    - 12/31/05 10:26 PM
Mid-High Stakes Shorthanded
  Discussions about mid-to-high short-handed hold'em
705 7893 * Re: Preflop vs. Unknowns
    (wackjob) - 12/31/05 11:16 PM
Small Stakes Shorthanded (2 viewing)
  Discussions of heads-up and short-handed poker.
24585 204460 * Re: mid pair against flop ...
    (wacki) - 12/31/05 11:57 PM
Forums specific to the game of Texas Hold'em PL/NL Texas Hold'em Threads Posts Last post
Mid-, High-Stakes Pot- and No-Limit Hold'em (1 viewing)
  Discussions about mid to high stakes pot-limit and no-limit hold'em.
14614 138071
    - 12/31/05 08:48 PM
Medium-Stakes Pot-, No-Limit Hold'em
  Discussions about medium stakes pot-limit and no-limit hold'em (2-4 to 5-10)
744 7928
    - 12/31/05 09:16 PM
Small Stakes Pot-, No-Limit Hold'em
  Discussions regarding small stakes Pot and No-Limit Hold'em
23485 184162
    - 12/31/05 11:40 PM
All things related to tournament poker Tournament Poker Threads Posts Last post
Multi-table Tournaments (1 viewing)
  Discussions about poker tournaments and tournament poker.
30961 259432
    - 12/31/05 10:29 PM
One-table Tournaments (1 viewing)
  Discussion about the play of single table tournaments.
30452 281907
    - 12/31/05 11:55 PM
Other Poker Threads Posts Last post
  Discussions of Omaha High-Low Split (Eight or Better) poker. Limit and pot-limit.
1974 15156 * Re: Which book helped you ...
    (benwood) - 12/31/05 05:23 PM
Omaha High
  Discussions related to the play of limit and pot-limit Omaha High poker.
2453 15841
    - 12/31/05 02:58 PM
  Discussions of various forms of stud poker.
4841 40261 * Re: Can You Call This down...
    (frappeboy) - 12/31/05 12:32 PM
Other Poker Games
  Discussions of poker games not otherwise covered (e.g., Pineapple.)
2618 18041 * TD converter
    (Biggle10) - 12/29/05 09:06 PM
Discussions covering all aspects of gambling not covered elsewhere General Gambling Threads Posts Last post
  Discussions of probability theory
4234 25027
    - 12/31/05 02:17 PM
  Discussions of psychology as applied to poker and other gambling games.
3902 53781
    - 12/31/05 08:51 PM
Sports Betting (2 viewing)
  Discussions related to wagering on sporting events.
4650 34783 * Re: northwestern/ucla 2nd ...
    (FYYFF) - 12/31/05 03:51 PM
Other Gambling Games
  Discussion about other gambling games.
3764 18825 * Re: Card counting
    (PairTheBoard) - 12/31/05 06:37 AM
Rake Back (1 viewing)
  For discussion of rake rebate offers.
1046 9592 * Re: New member
    (Pokeraddict) - 12/31/05 10:51 PM
Computer Technical Help
  Post your questions about computer hardware and software and configuring same here.
2419 11287 * Re: general questions abou...
    (send_the_msg) - 12/31/05 10:44 PM
Internet Gambling Threads Posts Last post
Internet Gambling (1 viewing)
  Discussions of Internet gambling venues.
43460 394927
    - 12/31/05 10:27 PM
Internet Bonuses
  For all discussions concerning bonuses in both poker rooms and casinos. Sponsored by bonuswhores.com.
2073 17479 * Re: paradise 1st time depo...
    (Greg Miller) - 12/31/05 10:16 PM
Software (1 viewing)
  Discussions about gambling-related software.
2535 13571
    - 12/31/05 11:41 PM
2+2 Communities Threads Posts Last post
Other Other Topics (1 viewing)
  Discussion of topics that don't fit well into the other forums.
33998 650825
    - 12/31/05 11:43 PM
For topics that do not fit under any other category Other Topics Threads Posts Last post
Sporting Events
  Discussion centered around sporting events.
2444 45908 * Re: LSU vs The U - Peach B...
    (lastsamurai) - 12/31/05 11:28 PM
  Discussions of all things related to politics.
4492 88222
    - 12/31/05 08:53 PM
Science, Math, and Philosophy
  Discussions regarding science, math, and/or philosophy.
1494 31621 * Re: Frequentists and Oppon...
    (atrifix) - 12/31/05 07:08 PM
The Stock Market
  Discussion about playing the stock market (investing).
1915 14198 * WPTE - Motley Fool commen...
    (Sniper) - 12/31/05 06:00 AM

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