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old hand

Reged: 09/03/02
Posts: 1021
Loc: Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Playing online for a living week 38
      01/18/04 01:47 AM

And once again the pendulum swings to the other side. If I want to continue to do this for a living I guess I better get used to the fact that there will be up times and down times, but Iíve been remarkably fortunate in that I went 6 months without a losing week. So now after losing 3 weeks out of 4 I started this week very apprehensive. The major comment I got on last weeks play was that I was playing too passively, and I took that to heart. I decided not to limp first in with anything, and I was pretty good about it. I did find myself limping with suited broadway cards and suited aces a little bit. Post flop I raised much more often on the flop. And for the first time in weeks I got good cards.

I started off the week with my best Sunday ever, winning $951. I got AA 12 times and they held up 11 times. I even had them in back to back hands right after I had commented on how often I was seeing them. It was the perfect antidote to my flagging confidence. On Monday I had solid sessions in the afternoon and in the evening winning another $617. The week was off to a great start. Tuesday afternoon was a break even session and after a late curling game I played 3 more hours and managed to win $371 more. Iíve never had a week without a losing day since switching to the shorthanded games, and I started thinking maybe this would be the week. Oops. Wednesday afternoon was a disaster. I dropped $660 in 2 hours. It was last week all over again, but I still had the evening to pull it out. Wrong. I lost another $600 by 1:00 AM and suddenly my amazing comeback week had become an average week with me up only $700. I had played on 12 different tables in the 2 sessions and had rebought 11 times.

Then the most amazing thing happened. I went on a rush like Iíve never had before. Between 1:00 AM and 4:00 AM I won back everything I had lost that day finishing up $14 for the day. Over $1,200 in 3 hours. And it didnít end there. Thursday saw me win another $1,616 and Friday another $1,502. From 1:00 AM Thursday morning until 4:00 AM Saturday morning thatís $4,400 in 19 hours of play. Over $200 / hr. Just an incredible feeling. Flopped quads on one hand (666 on board) and got all kinds of action from 2 pocket pairs. In a 4 way pot the final board was 5 6 7 8 9, I had the button with JT and the UTG guy bet into me, everyone called hoping for a chop and I got a raise in which they all called. If I was ahead on the flop I stayed ahead, and if I was behind I hit the river. I made so many sets on the river after being raised on the turn it was crazy. I also called down some outrageous bluffs.

Saturday night my wife and I went out to and saw ĎAlong came Pollyí, the new Ben Stiller Movie. My wife loves Ben Stiller. It was very funny and a nice break. Got home late and played for 2 Ĺ hours and won another $269 giving me the perfect week. For the week thatís $5,340 smashing my previous record.

So now life is great again. The bankroll is healthy and Iím looking forward to playing. I picked the right time to increase my aggressiveness. Itís always good to raise just before you make a big hand. Interesting to note that last week when I ran so poorly I had around 35 hand histories saved to review. This week I have about 8. I guess itís human nature to want to share the misery, and show every bad beat, but when we win we just accept that itís expected and there is nothing unusual about that.

It is still freezing here and we had all kinds of snow this week. In keeping with the crazy life Iím leading now I booked my summer cottage for next August in Maine. You have until the end of December to reserve the cottage you had the preceding year, but we didnít like last years so starting in January there is a list of vacancies. We missed out on the one I really wanted by hours while my sister in law decided whether they were going to come with us or not. It seems crazy that we need to book in January for August, but thatís the way it goes. I need to send a deposit in $US so this big week came at the perfect time.

At least during the losing streak the affiliate money keeps coming in. I just had another guy sign up and now have 10 players playing on my tracker. Itís nice to get paid even when youíre losing.

Iíve made a number of adjustments to my game since switching to shorthanded. All the heads up situations that you see only rarely in full table games require a different kind of play. You win a lot of pots with an unimproved A. I think itís an area where you can really take advantage of poor players. I really like having at least 1 other good player in my games shorthanded for some stability, but I donít like it when heís on my left because now the blind play becomes much more difficult. Iím still raising some marginal hands first in from the button like K8 or Q9 or A3, but Iím much less likely to keep pushing them post flop. I think this has saved me some money. Another change has been my flop play heads up. Lets say I raise AKo and get called by the BB. The flop comes out T72 and I get bet into. I wonít call here. Some players I will fold to here, but usually I will raise. That is something I never did in full table games. I would raise if I hit the flop and call if I missed. The raise serves 2 purposes. Sometimes the guy folds. Iíve made the pot bigger if I do hit, and given myself a chance to get to a showdown for Ĺ a bet cheaper by checking the river if I want, or to take the free card on the turn and see the turn and river Ĺ a bet cheaper than if I just called. Of course some guys 3 bet the flop which I have to watch for.

There were over 30,000 people playing every night this week again, the increase over the holidays seems to have continued, and the games are good. There are a lot of good players in these games though, and it sure helps to know who they are.

My monitor died again just before Christmas and I bought a 19Ē monitor while it was off being repaired. I thought I would be able to increase the resolution beyond the 1024 X 1280 I used on my 17Ē monitor, but I discovered that is the max for most monitors. It did make everything bigger and easier to read, but it was also bulkier, taking up more space on the desk, and pretty ugly (that was my wifeís comment anyway). So when my original monitor was returned fixed, again, I had to make a decision. I have 2 computers, the fairly new one I use, and an old P1 133 running WIN95. I was thinking of keeping the 19Ē monitor on my computer and putting the repaired one on the old machine, but the monitors appearance wise belong to the computers they are attached to. And I decided I didnít like the new one enough so I returned it and got my $400 back. Today I went out and looked for monitors that will give me a resolution greater than 1024 X 1280 and discovered they are not easy to find. Right now I can get 4 tables on my screen with only a little overlap, but I need to find seats on the 4 compass points of the table to make sure I can see my cards at all times on all tables. Some nights this can be a problem, when every open seat seams to be #1 for example. With a slightly higher resolution I believe I could set them up with no overlap at all, then my seat wouldnít matter. I found a place that sold a name brand 19Ē with a max resolution of 1200 X 1600 for only $300 and Iím considering that now.

Most of this weeks hands involve me winning monsters.

In this one, what more can you ask for. I have AA in the cutoff, and UTG limps. I raise and everyone else folds. He 3 bets. I know him pretty well and I doubt he does this with QQ, so itís KK or AA. Odds are pretty good itís KK. Flop is A K 6. this is pretty good for me. He bets and I just call. I think if I raise here, I will get only one raise in on the expensive streets. Turn is a Q. He checks, I bet and he raises. I 3 bet and he caps. River is a 7. He bets, I raise, and he just calls. He did have KK.

I have Ah Th on the button. It is folded to the cutoff who is a poster and he checks. I raise, the SB, BB and poster all call. Flop is As Ts 2s. Checked to me and I bet. SB raises, BB calls and I 3 bet. Both blinds call. Turn is 2h. Checked to me, I bet and they both call. Hmm. I have to believe a flush would raise here, I think Iím still good. River is the Ad. SB checks, but now the BB bets out. Well only 22 beats me and I raise. SB calls and BB raises again. I still donít believe he plays 22 like this so I cap it. They both call. SB had flopped a flush, but only 9 high, and BB had AK. Another monster suckout and pot for me.

I have 9d 8d UTG and I limp. Only the blinds play. Flop is Jd Th 5c. BB bets, and I just call. SB calls too. Turn is the Td, giving me a huge draw. They both check to me and I bet. They both call. River is the lovely Qd. Again checked to me and I bet. SB raises. BB folds and I 3 bet. SB caps it and I call. He has JT for a turned full house. Yet another monster pot.

Finally one that didnít work out. I open raise with 88 UTG. I get cold called and then 3 bet by the button. BB calls 2 cold and I call as does the MP player. Flop is Q 7 2, and the BB bets out. The button will raise almost anything here and I fold. MP calls and the button only calls. Turn was a 5 and river a 4, and the BB wins with 97 for a pair of 7ís. Button had 66. My eights were good.

This coming week will make 9 months of playing full time. The first 3 months I won $13,950, the 2nd 3 I won $17,932 and so far for the last 3 Iím up $19,287. I hope that means my game continues to improve. Those numbers are for playing only and donít include any affiliate money.

Have a good week.

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