David Sklansky
10/24/03 04:46 PM
The Sklansky-Karlson All In No Limit Holdem Rankings

That's what these results will be called from now on. Assuming they are right of course. A cursory glance looks good. Am I right in assuming that you took into account that lessor hands will be called by two card holdings that are slightly worse? And that you took the two cards of your hand out of the deck? (Considering AKs outranks QQ it seems you did.)

Please let us know your full name Karlson. And where I should send the $200.

Also would someone be so kind as to reorder these results from highest to lowest. I would also appreciate if someone would double check some of these results by hand.

Believe me, these are far from trivial results. The can be used as major weapons in tournaments.

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