David Sklansky
10/24/03 03:25 AM
$200 Stipend to Expand A8 Result

With a one and two dollar blind we now know that A8offsuit in the SB, is better off moving in up to about 70 dollars more (even if the big blind saw his cards) than he would be folding. If we thus say A8 has a rating of 70 or so, what are the ratings for all other hands?

To make sure you understand, notice that 32 has a rating of one while slightly better hands have a rating of two. Thats because you are getting 3-1 if you put in one and 4-2 if you put in two.(Obviously the big blind would always call in this case). Fairly poor hands would be rated three, getting 5-3 odds. At the other extreme, two kings would have a rating of about 1000. Since it will pick up the pot unless the big blind has kings or aces and will win some of those hands too.

If someone can tell me the "rating" for all hands (I would assume with the help of a computer program), I'll send them $200 and give them credit whenever I write about those results.

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